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Clickback cares about you and your privacy. It’s why we’re invested in protecting your privacy and anyone who may receive email correspondence from Clickback's software solutions. To achieve this we’ve implemented policies that continually protect your privacy … and the privacy of others.

This privacy policy outlines how our expert team of professionals enforce these rules for your ongoing safety.

     a) Clickback's policy on user or account information is the following:

Under no circumstances will Clickback share a user's or partner's personal information with any third party. Although we do aggregate certain information about our users, this information is used to improve the services we offer. We may also report such information - always in aggregate form and never in a way that could identify individuals - to third parties, such as newspapers, or industry observers, or potential users and partners.

     b) Clickback's policy on user data is the following:

Login or access to Clickback is only possible with secure 128bit SSL web browsers, making sure your data from your computer to the Clickback servers is secure. We do everything we can to make sure our users' lists, email content and response data remains private and confidential. Though we reserve the right to monitor your lists, content and response data from time to time to make sure they comply with our Terms of Use Policy, we will never share, sell or rent your user data to anyone for any reason. We will not sell your email address. We will not rent it.

     c) Clickback's policy on user communication is the following:

The only emails you will receive from Clickback, as a user, will be emails related to your account or your use of Clickback. We may alert you to new features, user education or site enhancements. We might check in to see how your last campaign went. Some of those emails may be directed to all users, and some of them may be written just for you.

Note that we do use "cookies" which is defined as a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that website or using web-based software. It is not used to run viruses or programs on your computer. Cookies are custom and uniquely configured to each user. For example, if you visited a web page of ours, cookies helps us to remember certain information about you which allows you to use these features in a more personalized way. Cookies main purpose is to provide convenience to you by remembering which pages you visited. It’s a way to help you navigate through websites more efficiently and for you to perform or customize certain features or functions. Most web browsers accept cookies, but you may “opt-out” or decline cookies by modifying your browser settings.

     d) Clickback's policy on user billing and credit card data is the following:

Clickback Software Agreements require certain credit card and billing information in order to sign-up or set-up an account on Clickback. That information is transferred, using the most secure transmission technology, to a trusted third party for processing. The information is then encrypted using Data Encryption Standard 3 (Triple DES) and securely stored to handle your transactions. Your credit card information is securely stored on Clickback servers with restricted access only.

The privacy of both our users and their email recipients is very important to Clickback, and each and every day we continue to protect it and look for ways to improve. Please direct any questions you may have regarding this Privacy Policy to sales at And if you suspect our privacy and permission policy has been abused in any way, please notify us at abuse at

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