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There are many factors that build a successful brand – employees, a great idea, even luck. For us, our customers helped to shape who we are. And our cloud-based lead generation software brought their vision – and ours – to life.

Founded in 1996 and located in the Niagara Peninsula, just outside of Toronto, Canada, the parent company, a web development firm, created a simple email blasting application in 2000 that evolved the company into a leading cloud-based company, focused on email and data cloud technologies.

In 2011, Clickback developed the world’s first ELG (Email Lead Generation) software – a cloud based software - that allows B2B customers to send 100% CAN-SPAM compliant emails to their purchased lists, so they can generate high-quality, sales-ready leads. Many of our customers have tried generating leads from their non permission-based contacts or purchased data using a MA (Marketing Automation) or ESP (Email Service Provider) software with poor results and over spending. The truth is that most MA/ESP software are not optimized to send emails to non permission-based contacts. That’s why customers choose to use our cloud-based, lead gen software. And because we’re a cloud based email sending solution, there is no program to download. Once you sign up, you just log on to your account. It’s that simple.

Unlike MA/ESP software, Clickback has comprehensive, fully optimized cloud based lead generation solutions that protect customers’ IP/domains from being banned or blocked. It has 325+ deliverability variables and artificial intelligence built into the software during the send process to optimize deliverability and open rates. Our cloud based Email Lead Generation software also removes dead emails and/or hidden spam traps from purchased lists, providing comprehensive, actionable insight for use in future campaigns. And with our API (Application Programming Interface) integrations, we push new opted-in leads into most MA/ESP software for full integration. This allows our customers to generate quality leads from their non permission-based contacts or purchased data, while enabling them to properly nurture and retain a contact once it becomes a lead, helping to maximize sales and marketing ROI with our cloud based, Email Lead Generation solution.

We are one of the very few cloud-based companies in the world that allow our customers to secure qualified, profitable leads by safely sending emails to their non permission-based contacts. No list? No problem. We partner with some of the most reputable data providers in the industry to help our prospects generate quality, sales-ready leads from start to finish. Find out more, click here.

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Clickback has clientele in most English-speaking countries around the world including high profile clientele such as LexisNexis, CDI and Kanguru.

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