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Founded in 1996 and located in the Niagara Peninsula, located just outside of Toronto, Canada, the parent company, a web development firm, created a simple email blasting application in 2000 that has evolved the company into a leading cloud-based software company, focused on lead generation software and data management services.

In late 2010, Clickback transformed their permission-based or opt-in email marketing software into something new and exciting. They developed the world’s first ELG or Email Lead Generation software allowing B2B marketers to send targeted email campaigns to cold or purchased contacts in a safe and secure platform, protecting the customer’s domain and reputation, while being fully CASL and CAN-SPAM compliant.

This new and innovative cloud-based software empowers B2B marketers to generate high-quality leads. Clickback does not compete with, but integrates into many MA (Marketing Automation) and ESP (Email Service Provider) software. MA and ESP solutions are not optimized to send email campaigns to cold or non permission-based contacts. ELG software turns cold contacts into warm leads that can move the contact via API integrations into your organization’s existing marketing or sales tools.

Through innovation, education and technology, Clickback is carving the way for a new category in the Marketing Technology Landscape called ELG or Email Lead Generation.

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